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Watched Currently Watching 01 Make up or break up

Season201 Make up or break up

And they're back! Geo is feeling the heat from all sides as she struggles to come to terms with what Smooch has done. Chantelle is fueled by pressure to know her Māoritanga and loses her cool.

Watched Currently Watching 02 New Squad

Season202 New Squad

New girl, Krystal lands on the scene. A fashion show burns to ashes when Smooch, Tipene and Geo have a run in at the club. Hemi gives Chantelle a hand with her reo by taking a page out of his own book.

Watched Currently Watching 03 Sticky Fingers

Season203 Sticky Fingers

Krystal makes herself home in Te Pa after finding herself in trouble but Hemi has his suspicions. Geo decides to give it a go at Tipene's place. Someone has stolen Hemi's stash, who could it be?

Watched Currently Watching 04 New 'Kid' on the block

Season204 New 'Kid' on the block

There's a new "Kid" on the block! Krystal manages to land herself back at Te Pa. Chantelle makes an overwhelming discovery. And things heat up between Geo and Dylan

Watched Currently Watching 05  The Secret

Season205 The Secret

Chantelle confides in Geo. The spotlight is on Maru when he gives Smooch a hand with her first t-shirt sale. Geo tells Tipene what happened between her and Dylan, but how will he react? Kid is hiding something.

Watched Currently Watching 06 Don't Get It Twisted

Season206 Don't Get It Twisted

Chantelle feels confronted when she realises there's more to Kid than meets the eye. Hemi gets an offer he can't refuse. Sheets and feelings get twisted when Tipene decides he'd like to meet Dylan.

Watched Currently Watching 07 Huka Daddy

Season207 Huka Daddy

Krystal 'invests' in Smooch's business but Smooch questions where the money came from. Mareikura is wooed by Hemi's ways. Chantelle makes her big decision.

Watched Currently Watching 08 Temptation

Season208 Temptation

Hemi finds himself flustered by another and is questioned by Kid. Te Pa have some surprise manuhiri. Meanwhile, Geo meets with Pania.

Watched Currently Watching 09  It Takes Two

Season209 It Takes Two

Hemi finds himself in a compromising position. Smooch reflects on her relationship with Geo, afraid she's lost her for good.

Watched Currently Watching 10 Speechless

Season210 Speechless

Hemi is in over his head as he finds himself in deep water. Geo struggles with her feelings in the wake of Ra's service.

Watched Currently Watching 11 Dodgy and Dodging

Season211 Dodgy and Dodging

It's time for Smooch's launch party, but nothing is ever simple. The crew are left feeling uneasy after an unexpected visit. Geo turns to Dylan for solace. And Hemi tries to prove himself to Chantelle.

Watched Currently Watching 12 A Broken Heart

Season212 A Broken Heart

Chantelle's world is blown to pieces when Hemi drops a bomb. Maru gets roped back in to the gang. And Tipene's suspicions keep rising.

Watched Currently Watching 13 Bust and Burn

Season213 Bust and Burn

Things come to a climax when Chantelle gets fired up! Geo is feeling suffocated by Tipene's controlling ways. And Smooch decides that it's time to move on

Watched Currently Watching 14 Haters gon' Manipulate

Season214 Haters gon' Manipulate

Hemi puts his foot in it again with Chantelle. Geo packs her bags when Tipene's toxicity becomes too much but will Tipene let her away that easily? Smooch is hurt that Maru has betrayed her.

Watched Currently Watching 15 Hostage

Season215 Hostage

Geo finds herself being held captive by her loved ones as they're caught under Tipene's spell. Hemi tries to come to terms with the decision he's made. And Krystal tries to wangle her way into Smooch's head and bedroom.

Watched Currently Watching 16 Light It Up!

Season216 Light It Up!

With the Te Pa crew reunited, things are as crazy as ever. Geo is in hiding. Chantelle is unsettled when she sees a tohu. And Maru feels obligated to help Krystal but things get way out of hand!

Watched Currently Watching 17 Boxers and boxes

Season217 Boxers and boxes

Kid's infatuation with Saxon has gone too far. With a gang on his back, Maru has been landed in hot water by Krystal's recklessness. And Tipene hits back hard in an attempt to retaliate.

Watched Currently Watching 18 Rehutai

Season218 Rehutai

Geo tries to clean up the mess that Tipene's made. Cunning Krystal takes things to the next level but things start to unravel when Smooch investigates. Maru is caught between a rock and a hard place trying to protect Smooch. And Chantelle has an upsetting experience.

Watched Currently Watching 19 Twinning

Season219 Twinning

The truth comes out about 'Krystal'. Chantelle mourns her loss. Maru pays Smooch a visit but his high is short-lived when he gets some disturbing news. Geo goes to Pania's rescue.

Watched Currently Watching 20 Hot Head

Season220 Hot Head

Tension is rising as Geo tries to diffuse the ticking time bomb that is Tipene. Chantelle gives Hemi the upsetting news. And fueled by disappointment and betrayal, Smooch lets rip at the gang pad.

Watched Currently Watching 21 Gang Gang Gamore

Season221 Gang Gang Gamore

#TeamSmaru is looking grim as Maru’s struggling to realise there’s no ‘Gang’ in ‘Team’. Hemi is feeling like a lost goat. And Geo is trying to clean up Tipene’s mess; yet amidst the chaos, her and Kid still find their fortitude and party like it’s 1999!

Watched Currently Watching 22 Party Like Te Pā

Season222 Party Like Te Pā

Maru visits Amos in hospital to find him in a bad way. Aunty Awhi is hiding something. And the Te Pa crew come together to breathe and grieve.

Watched Currently Watching 23 Running Away

Season223 Running Away

Hemi and Kid go bush when Hemi decides to try and find his mana, but the bush has other ideas. Maru mourns Amos’s passing. And Smooch walks in to an unwanted guest.

Watched Currently Watching 24 Snapped

Season224 Snapped

Things have sparked up again between Smooch and Maru but shh, keep it on the down low. Hemi finds his calling. Scamming, scheming ‘Krystal' is at it again but Smooch is hot on her heels!

Watched Currently Watching 25 Mahuta Obstructions

Season225 Mahuta Obstructions

Hemi is riled up and ready to take on Mahuta Constructions. Kid is doing his best to help out his wayward sister. And things are getting hot and heavy between Smooch and Maru.

Watched Currently Watching 26 Protector of Papatūānuku

Season226 Protector of Papatūānuku

Undercover Brother protecting his Earth Mother, Hemi has a plan or two to upset the workers at Mahutua Construction. Team Smaru are making nice, and Kid opens the door to a new tenant.

Watched Currently Watching 27 Welcome Party

Season227 Welcome Party

Hemi is set on deciphering the Mahuta mystery, but is it safe? Smooch is made an offer. A friendship is reconciled. And someone is at the door, who could it be?

Watched Currently Watching 28 Dirty Panties

Season228 Dirty Panties

Tempers rage when Chantelle hits ‘Krystal’ up, but ya girl always finds a way to get herself off the hook. Emotions escalate when Hemi and Chantelle come face to face after a long time. And Smooch has her first day on the job!

Watched Currently Watching 29 Born Again

Season229 Born Again

Smooch is busy wrangling students at Hawaiiki Hou but she finds a soft spot for a talented youngster. Geo comes to the rescue when she puts her law skills into practice. And Mareikura is overstepping her boundaries with Chantelle.

Watched Currently Watching 30 Live a Little

Season230 Live a Little

Mareikura puts Kid at risk in an act of desperation. Shit goes down when someone turns up at Hawaiki Hou. And Geo is feeling blind sided and betrayed.

Watched Currently Watching 31 Gang Whore

Season231 Gang Whore

Smooch is trying to unravel the story behind her mother and Girlie’s relationship. Chantelle and Hemi make it to home base. And Dylan is starting to shows signs of jealousy.

Watched Currently Watching 32 If You Love Her

Season232 If You Love Her

Smooch digs up the past in an attempt to find out more about her mother. Rehutai stirs the pot. And Chantelle decides to get back into the game.

Watched Currently Watching 33 Joyride

Season233 Joyride

Geo is on the hunt to track down the essay thief! Rehutai is taking more time off work to go to her counselling sessions. And Smooch takes a ride with Girlie.

Watched Currently Watching 34 We're All Just Ants

Season234 We're All Just Ants

Hemi tautokos Mareikura in true Hemi style. Chantelle discovers Kid’s hidden talent. And Dylan is not in a good way in the aftermath of the essay debacle.

Watched Currently Watching 35 Hawaiki Hoe

Season235 Hawaiki Hoe

Rehutai’s been getting her ‘therapy’ but the cat’s out of the shopping bag. ‘Real life angel’, Smooch is trying her best to help Haki. And Kid is fighting to stay close to his twin.

Watched Currently Watching 36 Ngāti Who?

Season236 Ngāti Who?

Hemi is torn when he finds out some shocking news in regards to the protest. Rehutai finds help from an unlikely source. And Geo finds herself in an awkward situation.

Watched Currently Watching 37 The Water and The Stone

Season237 The Water and The Stone

Girlie has some nice, whanau plans for the gang but Maru has his eye on her. Chantelle is on a mission to cheer up Kid, and ends up cheerful herself. The protest is in full swing but Kid sees beyond the rarus on the surface…

Watched Currently Watching 38 Possessive and Possessed

Season238 Possessive and Possessed

The cracks are starting to show in tricky Tipene’s facade. Matakite Kid is feeling shaken up and disturbed by his kehua collisions. And Girlie is struggling to keep her composure.

Watched Currently Watching 39 Twin-ergy

Season239 Twin-ergy

Maru is torn, Smooch is worn but Team Smaru have to pull together to help Haki. A catfish is revealed, and Rehutai has to tune into a part of herself that she has kept locked away.

Watched Currently Watching 40 Fight or Fight?

Season240 Fight or Fight?

Season Finale - Fighting for family, for love and for whenua this explosive episode is throwing all the punches.