Season 101 Money, Money, Money!

(AO) After a visit to the hospital, Smooch carries on business as usual. Maru informs Smooch about Felicia’s debt to the gang. Geo organises to meetup with Aaron.

02 Riding in Cars with Boys

Next Up / Episode 202 Riding in Cars with Boys

(AO) Felicia is shocked when Smooch comes to collect. Hemi is inspired to post a whakaaro of the day which catches the attention of one of his followers. Smooch and Hemi see a worrying post on Geo’s snapchat.

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Geo'sPhrase of the day

Mea pai kia whiwhi raho koe.

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Upsize Ur Reo

Mea pai kia whiwhi raho koe.

You need some dick in your life

Episode Goodies


Ahikāroa Desktop Wallpaper

Rep the AHIKĀROA love all over your computer screen for all to see...

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Keep it lit

Step inside the Ahikāroa whare, pull up a tūru and watch the show.. shit’s about to get real!

Smooch's Street Style

Wanna show it off like Smooch? Here’s the gears you gots to wear.

Geo's Street Style

Keepin it on the urban tip.

Hemi's Street Style

Hemi’s about dressing it down with a bit of flavour. Digging these mad threads.

Pet Pic

Hemi's new goat

This goat got serious game, perhaps the greatest of all time!

Maru's Street Style

Maru on that dark denim buzz

Party up in here

Ain’t no party like the after party party

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