Season 02 Riding in Cars with Boys

(AO) Felicia is shocked when Smooch comes to collect. Hemi is inspired to post a whakaaro of the day which catches the attention of one of his followers. Smooch and Hemi see a worrying post on Geo’s snapchat.

 03 Bad Rep

Next Up / Episode 3 03 Bad Rep

(AO) Geo is still reeling from the incident in the car. Hemi is finding it hard to deal with cyberbullying. Geo joins Tipene’s gym and is encouraged to learn mau rakau. Smooch’s reputation on the streets is screwed. Geo finds mau rākau challenging.

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Rā'sPhrase of the day

Ā tōna wā, ka mārama koe.

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Upsize Ur Reo

Ā tōna wā, ka mārama koe.

When you’re older, you’ll get it.

Episode Goodies

First in first serve

Yisss!! Check out these new kicks, straight hustle hot.


Te Pā represent!

Crew love <3


Flying solo

Hemi goes all profile - lumber-jack style no extra wood.


Nature’s finest

Chur grew this from a seedling. Coming along nicely.

Aaron's Street Style

Denim on denim goodness with a lil bit of somethin, somethin else.

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